Treatment Program

Group Therapy

Many of our clients have no prior frame of reference for talking about addiction. Instead, they may be used to hiding the extent of their drug use and belittling the effects that substance abuse has had on their lives. Group therapy allows clients to embrace their experiences and to communicate honestly about them. Through group counseling, our clients will have the chance to express themselves without fear of judgment to people who have faced similar struggles. By no means is it easy to be vulnerable in front of others, but through this practice, clients will become more attuned to their thoughts and emotions, learn how to develop healthy relationships, and be able to move forward in their recoveries.

Medical Detox

In order to begin rehabilitation, clients must start with a clean slate. This means removing all traces of the drug from the client’s system in a process known as detoxification. This happens naturally as the client stops taking the substance and over time adjusts to decreasing concentrations of the drug in their system. During this time, the client will experience uncomfortable symptoms and strong cravings. In order to alleviate these sensations, physicians will be available 24 hours a day to help clients manage their symptoms and feel more comfortable.

Relapse Prevention

While we enforce a zero-tolerance policy at all our facilities, the same does not apply to the rest of the world. In rejoining this part of the world, clients will experience temptations to try drugs again and may enter environments where they engaged in drug use before. Therefore, it is important to teach relapse prevention techniques during their rehabilitations in order to avoid renewed drug use. Examples of techniques include discussing possible triggers of the drug abuse, proposing alternative actions to take when in the presence of triggers, and practicing coping mechanisms to deal with stress and disappointment.

Anger Management

While clients start using drugs for various reasons, many use it as a way to regain control when they feel helpless. Unfortunately, even short-term use can lead to long-term dependence, and clients end up feeling even more powerless than they did before their drug use. Rather than allow emotions to dictate their actions, we encourage clients to work in more constructive and collaborative ways to get at the root of their problems.

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